Runners Information

Mai Dubai City Half Marathon

Everything you need to know

It’s less than 24 hours until you will be on the start line of the very first Mai Dubai City Half Marathon. So that you can arrive at the event relaxed and able to focus on enjoying your run and soaking up the atmosphere around DIFC, please take a few moments to read the following essential information.

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If you have any questions that aren’t answered below, please contact



To ensure you are ready to race, please allow plenty of time to park and walk to the Race Village.  Please see below for car park locations.

Run Number and Timing Chip

If you have not collected your run number (race bib) yet, please make sure you collect it at the event on Friday 25th October.

  • 5km, 10km and 21km BEFORE 530am 
  • 2.5km BEFORE 830am 

It is vital that you collect your race pack before the above mentioned times as we cannot delay the start of the race. If you do not have a valid run number you will not be permitted to enter the start assembly area.

Your run number will have you name on it and this is your unique number, so only you must wear it on the day. Please don’t swap, copy or change this number, selling it on or giving someone else access to your number might put them at risk if they’re not properly prepared.

Run numbers are colour-coded. 5k runners will wear an orange number, 10k runners a red number and 21k runners a blue number.

Please attach your run number to the front of you T-shirt or running vest with the safety pins that will be provided when you collect your run number. Your run number must be visible at all times.

Your timing chip is attached to the back of your run number (5k, 10k and 21k runners only), do not remove the chip as it will affect the accuracy of your time. The chip will automatically record your time, so you don’t need to do anything. Your chip doesn’t need to be returned at the end of the run.

Event Day Timetable

Due to road closure regulations in and around DIFC we’ve had to change the start times for all the races slightly. See the full event timetable below and please make a note of your start time. We suggest you arrive with time to spare.

0400: Event village & Information Point Opens – Located in front of The Gate Building at DIFC

0540: Start assembly area opens on Al Bousra Street for all distances.  Please see start line plan for assembly areas.

0610: Mai Dubai City Half Marathon mass warm-up in association with Sketchers Performance.

0615: Start of the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon 5km race (yellow coloured run numbers)

0621: Start of the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon 10km race (red coloured run numbers)

0627: Start of the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon 21km race (blue coloured run numbers)

0700: Mai Dubai City Half Marathon 5km medal presentation.  Within event village at the Gate Building west balcony area. Please note that there is NO presentation for age category winners, winners from the age categories will receive a certificate in the days following the race.

0715: Mai Dubai City Half Marathon 10km medal presentation.  Within event village at the Gate Building west balcony area. Please note that there is NO presentation for age category winners, winners from the age categories will receive a certificate in the days following the race. 

0800: Mai Dubai City Half Marathon 21km medal presentation.  Within event village at the Gate Building west balcony area. Please note that there is NO presentation for age category winners, winners from the age categories will receive a certificate in the days following the race. 

0915: Cut off for all 21km runners completing the route.

0915: Start assembly area opens on Al Bousra Street for Mai Dubai City Half Marathon 2.5km.

0920: Mai Dubai City Half Marathon 2.5km mass warm-up with Joe Wicks in association with Dubai Fitness Challenge

0930: Start of the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon 2.5km (green coloured run numbers)


There is no baggage facility at the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon so please come ready to run. Leave valuables and bags locked in your car or with friends and family who are supporting you. Please do not leave any bags unattended around the event site.

At the Start

The Information Point is based in the event village at the Gate Building west balcony area. The information staff can deal with simple questions, but please contact prior to the event if you have any questions.

Temporary toilets will be available beside the start assembly area on the grass in front of the Gate Building. There will also be toilets available on course at the Mai Dubai drink station. Toilet facilities will be busy before the run, so please allow plenty of time.

Warm-up artists will be ready to get you warmed up and stretched out before you run. Make sure that you are in the start assembly area in time to take part.

Look for the coloured signs that will direct runners from each race distance into the correct start assembly area. Please use all the space we have created for you.

Runners’ Position

There will be a ‘fast paced’ runners zone at the front of each assembly area. Please respect other participants and only position yourself here if you are a confident and fast runner.

Race distances will be set off separately to help regulate the flow of runners through the course. Anyone walking or part walking/running the event should start at the rear of their assembly area. Please keep to the left-hand side of the road in the first few KM to allow faster runners to pass safely.

On the Course


Cut off Times

Roads will be closed and traffic management will be in place around the route to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable running experience. The Mai Dubai City Half Marathon is organised with the support of Dubai Police and RTA but we must open the roads in line with agreed timings. Entrants in the 21km event must be able to complete the full distance within 2 hours and 45 minutes – or an average pace of around 8 minutes per mile. If you cannot achieve this time you should consider moving to the 10km distance

At the Finish

Don’t stop immediately after you cross the line, you will have to walk a short distance further to collect your Mai Dubai bottled water and your well-earned finishers medal.

5km, 10km and 21km runners should follow signage and marshals directions to the event village at the Gate Avenue west balcony where they can collect their souvenir T-shirt.

Please request the T-shirt size that matches the t-shirt size you chose when you entered the event. A note of the size requested will be printed on your run number.

The Event village is open to everyone and features a range of activities and exhibitors for runners and their supporters to enjoy.


Visit this website in the days following the run to view the pictures of you taking part.


Medical facilities will be available near to the start and finish line and will be positioned around the course should you require assistance. Please contact a medic or steward if you need help at any time.


As event organiser, we are constantly reviewing our sustainability and recycling practices having made a concerted effort to reduce the amount of waste from plastic and other materials that impact our daily life across the entire event.

We work with local partners to minimize the impact and actively remove waste from the event site. Title partner, Mai Dubai water will have teams around the start and finish and at the on-course drink station to recycle disposed plastic bottles. Please look out for the branded waste bins at the drink station to dispose of your used bottle.
Recycling is not limited to plastic and includes, cardboard, wood and signage. Wherever possible we are using generic signage that is kept for as long as possible and used on other events.

We ask that you please use the recycling bins on-site and around the Gate Avenue area to discard of any waste accordingly.

Please arrive hydrated, having had enough water before getting to the start. If you feel like you’ll want a drink just before you run, we suggest you bring your own supply. You may carry your bottle with you while you run or please make sure you throw it in the clearly marked recycling bins that will be available in the start area.

Water will be available at the start and finish areas as well as on the course – around 3km into the 5km loop.

Top Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Run

Make sure you are healthy enough to run the distance you have signed up for. Don’t run if you feel unwell or have been ill recently.

Running can put you at risk of serious illness if you experience heart palpitations, light-headed or dizziness, chest pain or tightness, shortness of breath, excessive wheezing or severe joint and muscle pain. Seek advice about taking part in the event after a bout of flu or gastroenteritis.

Stay comfortable and make sure you have trained in the clothes you intend to run in. Don’t use new trainers for the first time, ideally, you should have run in your shoes for around a month.

Avoid chafing – Apply Vaseline to any areas where you have had chafing during training.

Use weather resistant sun cream, but not too much – you don’t want it running into your eyes as you sweat.

If the first few KM are crowded, don’t tire yourself out dodging in and out of runners. Try to maintain a steady, even pace – enjoy the event.

Mai Dubai water will be available when you finish so take a drink after crossing the finish line. Make sure you are fully hydrated before consuming any alcohol.

Try to eat some starchy foods within two hours of finishing the event – your muscles can replace energy most efficiently during this time.

During your run, drink when you need to but don’t take big gulps if you are not thirsty – you could put yourself in a condition called hyponatremia where your body salts become diluted, possibly causing confusion and vomiting.

And finally…have FUN!